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We Have Some Explaining To Do


I’ve felt the need to post some news here for a while, but it has been difficult to summon the right words. First, a status update. Our new album Suicide Fences is finally recorded and mixed. We are finishing the artwork, and with the able assistance of designer Holly May I know we’ll have a great looking package. Our mastering date is set for December, at which point we’ll have two versions ready to go to pressing: one for vinyl (with a ten-song sequence), and one for digital (with an eleven-song sequence). We had to cap the vinyl at ten songs, given the time restriction of 22 minutes per side.

Sequencing is, I’m convinced, the “land war in Asia” of record-making, and it’s always a task that trips me up. After much rumination, I think we have something that makes sense. But the fact that this album is going to vinyl made the sequence all the more important to me. It’s a function of my age as much as anything, but I’ve never had a record I played on come out on vinyl before. This will be the first time any of my music has made it to an LP, and when I thought about that all my childhood musical discoveries came leaping back to mind. For example, I recalled with crystal clarity how “Light Up The Sky” was the first song on Side B of Van Halen II, or how Queen’s Jazz wrapped up Side A with “Let Me Entertain You” as a full-blown Freddie Mercury tour de force.

But now the admission. As some readers may recall, we had hoped to have this album out in late 2014. That goal was ambitious when we stated it, and it proved too much for us to get everything together in time. So, as I’m sure anyone reading this blog has properly deduced, we aren’t going to make it this year. Early 2015 is the best we can say at the moment, and I’ll have more details soon. I’m not disappointed because I know this will give us time to get everything as correct as we can make it. This is the best record we’ve ever done, the best one I’ve written, the hardest one to finish and it will feel good to let it go into the world--when the time is right.

2014 will live in my memory as a year of letting go. This was true in ways both large and small, and while a lot of the letting go was and is healthy, it has left me feeling a little light. Like I need to get some more weight over my shoes. Maybe it has also left me with the urge to hold on to things a little tightly, and so it may be with this record. It’s cool, I’ll keep it to myself for a few more months, before it finds its way into the ether with everything else. In a long year of letting go, I’ll just hold onto this one thing for a little bit longer.

One more admission, which I hope anyone reading will endure. I don’t usually get too confessional in these blogs, and I don’t mean to go down that path arbitrarily. But it seems germane to mention that I haven’t written a single new song since the writing for Suicide Fences was finished some months ago. This is odd, and I don’t really know why. It could be that the confluence of events in this year has left me with little in the tank, or the need to recharge my batteries. Or I could be waiting for a new language, a new kind of inspiration. It’s not that I’ve been trying and failing--I actually haven’t had a single new idea pop into my head for about eight months. Under normal circumstances, this would be chilling and I’d be freaking out. But for some odd reason it seems okay right now, and I’m not sweating it. It feels like I reached the end of some road, and now I’m waiting for a new road to reveal itself.

For that reason as much as anything, I’m okay with the delays and with letting Suicide Fences come out in 2015. At least now I know that I’m really done riding the wave that brought me these songs. And that I rode it for all it was worth.

We’re playing at The High Dive on Saturday 11/15, together with our good friends Red Jacket Mine and The Hollers. At one time this was to be our album release show, but it will just have to settle for being an amazing night of music, and a celebration of the release of RJM’s new EP Pure Delight. I’ve been privy to a copy of Pure Delight for a week now, and it is fantastic. Red Jacket Mine has gotten so good at what they do, you would be a fool to miss this show. The Hollers play excellent, high-energy power pop, and we’ll do our best to hold up our end of the bargain. Please join us, and let’s start letting 2014 go.

Be good to each other. You never know what anyone else is going through.


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